Storage, freezing, thawing, heating, impregnation of colostrum.

A container for applications – The All In One COLOSTRUM FEEDER® enables, with little effort, a fast and optimal supply of the newborn calf with first colostrum.


One of the main advantages of our All In One COLOSTRUM FEEDER® is the quick and easy reheating of the first colostrum.

The colostrum is filled directly from the milking can into the three litre COLOSTRUM FEEDER container.

The supplied stainless steel spiral tube is connected to hot water and immersed in the colostrum. Warm water with a temperature of approx. 50°C flows through the spiral into an outer container. The colostrum is heated simultaneously from the inside and outside within approx. 3 minutes from 20°C to 38°C. The colostrum is then heated up to a temperature of approx. 50°C. The colostrum can also be frozen together with the stainless steel spiral and, if necessary, reheated to drinking temperature in approx. 20 minutes.

The future development of the All In One COLOSTRUM FEEDER® can pasteurize the first colostrum quickly and easily. The colostrum is heated with 60°C hot water for half an hour and, after pasteurisation, cooled to drinking temperature with cold water via the stainless steel spiral in approx. 2 minutes. For soaking, the attachment with the spiral tube from the COLOSTRUM FEEDER container is replaced by the teat cover with the handle.


  • Saves many work steps
  • Optional accessories:Impregnation/training aid for calves with weak suction reflex
  • Easy filling and cleaning due to large container opening, no additional cavities
  • No further container change necessary
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Gentle and standardised defrosting and heating

The All In One COLOSTRUM FEEDER® in practical use

Innovation Award 2018
for the All in One Colostrum Feeder®