Innovations for calf rearing

HT250 Calf Milk Pasteur

Fully automatic pasteurizer

►from the second milking
►safe short-term pasteurisation at the touch of a button
►immediately feedable
►simple operation
►remote maintenance

The HT 250 Pasteur is a compact high temperature pasteurizer for calf milk. It operates in a continuous flow with an average capacity of 250 litres per hour. Our pasteuriser has been specially developed to meet the requirements of calf rearing in the milk phase. Its special feature is steam heating.


Field Report

All In One Colostrum Feeder®

Storage, freezing, defrosting, heating, impregnation

Fast and optimal supply of the newborn calf with first colostrum.


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Multiple award-winning with the innovation award EuroTier

Innovation Award 2016 for Martin Förster Milk Pasteur

Innovation Award 2018 for All in One Colostrum Feeder®