Martin Förster GmbH stands for quality and innovation in calf rearing.

We focus mainly on pasteurising milk for calf rearing and additionally on fast and hygienic administration of first colostrum (standardised system).

Martin Förster GmbH was founded in 2015. The founder Mr. Martin Förster has more than 50 years of experience in automated calf rearing.

The Pasteur HT 250 was awarded the Innovation Award (Silver) at the Euro Tier in 2016 for the international patented technology of high temperature pasteurisation. The HT 250 was specially developed for the requirements of calves in the milk phase.

Another internationally patented development is the All in One COLOSTRUM FEEDER®, which also won an innovation award (silver) at Euro Tier 2018. The All in One COLOSTRUM FEEDER® enables a quick and hygienic supply of the newborn calf with first colostrum with little effort.  

Martin Förster GmbH combines practical experience and know-how under one roof.

Products are intensively tested in pilot operations and scientifically supported in close cooperation by independent laboratories, educational institutions and consulting companies. This is how our innovations are created in order to be able to professionally serve calf rearing in practice.

Management Martin Förster GmbH

Martin Förster
Dipl. Agraringenieur (FH)
executive management
Michael Förster
executive management